Event Notes 

Spring Tea 2014

Sunday’s Spring Tea event at the mansion was a wonderful occasion. Time flew by as I caught up with current members and made the acquaintance of our first time visitors (and hopefully new members). Our special guest speaker, Gigi Naglak, from the American Philosophical Society Museum entertained and educated the group about tea history and rituals. One of the many things I learned was not to over stuff the tea ball to leave room for the water to pass thru for better flavor. Also, no matter how long you steep the tea the caffeine content does not increase after 5 minutes.

To put a wonderful event such as this together, it takes many dedicated and talented people. Thank you to …. Karen Armstrong for securing such a wonderful guest speaker, setting the tables and the beautiful petites fours. Tish Deturo for the decorations that made the event so special and setting the tables. (I am still telling everyone I see about the flowers inside the spring green high heels). Christine Smith for the homemade ribbon tea sandwiches and washing and drying all the china. Barbara Bustard, who was not able to attend the tea, for the delicious truffles. Tina Potchen for ironing every tablecloth and setting and clearing the tables. Caitlin Mastropietro (so beautiful in her costume) for putting the food on the tables, washing and drying the china and most importantly for keeping the tea flowing. What a trouper! Jacqui Martin for carrying all the china boxes up from the basement and now putting them back down. And finally my sister, Barbara Griffiths, for the spectacular homemade mini flower cupcakes. After the event, she even sold cupcakes and donated all the money to the Mansion.

Thank you to all who attended the tea and made it a success. I hope to see you again soon at Laurel Hill Mansion. I have received some great ideas for our fall fundraising event. So keep checking our new website for updates on the event page. If you have an idea for an event you would enjoy attending at Laurel Hill Mansion please let me know. You can send your ideas to kphinney@laurelhillmansion.org
Karen F. Phinney, President
Women For Greater Philadelphia

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